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Nowhere have I ever said anything bad about the DeFeos. . According to Mr. Lindenbaum, he took the two above photos within a matter of seconds of each other. . or drowned, but the cause of death was to be determined by autopsy.

Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror saga consists of the November 13th 1974 DeFeo family . son but autopsies showed no such drugs were present in any of the victims. . they refused to even call the police to report the disruptive antics of the DeFeos.

Serial Killer Central - Discussion Forum: Amityville Murders Photos

I can't seem to find the autopsy photos yet, but I'll keep looking. . Not sure if it was the sister as Defeo Jr. claimed, or maybe some doped up .

Family demands answers after teen dies at county facility - KCTV5

Feb 27, 2012 . "She's in custody," said Lexington attorney Daniel T. DeFeo. . A Kansas City police report doesn't describe that. Instead, police . The results of an autopsy by the Jackson County Medical Examiner Office are pending. DeFeo .


Some of the photos are gruesome and shocking, and are posted as reference to . On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo killed his entire family in the house that would . What Really Happened - BAXTER AUTOPSY POINTS TO MURDER .


What if the tragic DeFeo children couldn't find their way for a while, but . If ghosts wander the way of the world due to tragic deaths, then the DeFeo family .

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Find sites about the 1974 murder of the DeFeo family in Amityville, New York, and the . Sites offer biography, photo gallery, case details, autopsy report, and .


New Evidence Raises Questions In Decades Old Amityville Horror ...

Feb 27, 2012 . DeFeo confessed to the killings, telling police that “the voices from the . Eyewitness reports, crime scene photos, and hand written notes all add up to a . I'd like to know, in the autopsy, was one level of the house shot by the .

The Amityville Murders -- Horror of Long Island, New York

When he had finished, 11 rolls of film documented the DeFeo crime scene. . The Amityville Murders has created a gallery of crime-scene photos to help tell the .

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The defeos autopsies. long island massapequa defeo, defeo murders 1974. ... patrick j defeo realtor. ronald defeo jf photo. allison defeo autopsy. rocket tube .

Crime Scene Photos

Many of the photos are extremely graphic and may be considered by some to be disturbing or offensive. . Bodies of Ronald Defeo, Sr. and Louise DeFeo.

The Amityville Horror House

We examine the murders of the DeFeo family in the Lutz house and the mystery behind the hauntings of the house in . The Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photo.

Revisiting the Amityville Murders: The Criminal Report Daily ...

Jun 5, 2009 . Photo Credits: Amityville-house: Associated Press; Ronald Defeo Jr: Associated Press; George . Where do you do to see the autopsy photos?

The DeFeo Portraits

There was a senior picture of Dawn DeFeo, in black and white. . The autopsy records indicate that John Matthew DeFeo, 9, was 4'3" to Marc's 4'8.5" and John .

Morbidly Hollywood

The Marilyn Monroe Morgue Autopsy Photo . community of 10,000, was shattered when 23 year-old Ronald DeFeo returned from a night of drinking and shot.

Shattered Hopes: November 13, 1974 - 7p - 8p

The DeFeo's private residence is now a very public crime scene. . (Not counting morgue/autopsy photos that would be taken later, and not accounting for other .

The Black Dahlia Death and Autopsy Photos

Death and Autopsy photos of Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia with all the morbid details. Includes details . DeFeo Murder Photos at the Amityville House.

The Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photo

The Autopsy morgue Photos of Marilyn Monroe who was found dead in her Brentwood home from an overdose of sleeping pills.

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  • Jayne Mansfield Crash Scene Photos

    Includes car crash scene photos, crash site location, and nude pictures of Jayne Mansfield. . DeFeo Murder Photos at the Amityville House. . The Black Dahlia - The Death of Elizabeth Short · The Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photo · The Suicide .

  • Amityville FAQ - Who's Who?

    Many people are involved in one way or another with "The .

  • The Death of Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas

    If you are a really sick and warped individual, you can view Tupac's autopsy photo. Be forewarned though, it is extremely graphic! Do not click if you are easily .

  • Murder Weapon Uncovered?

    Feb 27, 2012 . The murder was carried out with DeFeo using a .35 caliber Marlin 336 hunting rifle. . ABOVE, One of many photos obtained by Shattered Hopes for use . her assertion, when they did a "forensic autopsy" of the DeFeo case, .

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